Flight Explore Beyond

Tours for space travelers

See space like you've never seen it before

Photos and videos don't capture the true brilliance of space. Flight will take you into low-Earth orbit so you can see it for yourself.

Enjoy space from the safety of a capsule

Our capsules are FSAA approved with an A+ safety rating, and all flights are staffed with a professional crew member. Your trip will be worry-free.

Bring a story back to Earth

Your journey won't end with you returning home. Your friends and family will want to hear about your trip for years to come.

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Visit the cosmos

Get up close and personal with the vastness of space, with its awe-inspiring sights and unbelievable atmosphere.

Take photos

We've designed our capsules to be photography-friendly. Your social media followers will be impressed with your space selfies!

Be inspired

Our customers return to Earth with a revitalized perspective on life. Your horizons will be expanded in a powerful manner.

Bond with a friend

Each capsule seats at least two people. Bring friends or loved ones and enjoy this special space experience together.

A timeless journey in four steps

Flight training students

Step 1. Training

Prior to launch you will be briefed on everything you need to know about the flight so you're ready for the journey that awaits.

Flight rocket ready for launch

Step 2. Launch

After strapping in you will spend 20 minutes traveling into low-Earth orbit where you will soar through the skies for hours.

Flight capsule

Step 3. Experience

During your time in space you can get up and move around, eat some space snacks, and play with toys in zero gravity.

Flight landing with parachute

Step 4. Re-Entry

When the flight is concluded you will land in a designated location at sea and be picked up safely by an automated crew.

Galileo Package

  • 2 hours in low-Earth orbit
  • 1 orbit around Earth
  • 2 person capsule capacity
  • Standard entertainment included

Kepler Package

  • 4 hours in low-Earth orbit
  • 2 orbits around Earth
  • 4 person capsule capacity
  • Standard entertainment included

Gliese Package

  • 6 hours in low-Earth orbit
  • 3 orbits around Earth
  • 8 person capsule capacity
  • Standard entertainment included

Your mission begins now